About Us

You have been fooled about your nuts! Nut butters such as peanut butters are not a healthy food!!!  
We at D333Z NUTZ have unlocked the power of nuts & would like to share our journey with you.
The food industry has a growing trend towards health & well-being, throughout our personal health journey, we discovered the amazing benefits of germinating/sprouting nuts before consuming them. So we provide great-tasting exotic nut butter combinations, (which we guarantee you haven't tasted before).
Also known as activating nuts, our process minimizes toxic substances such as Phytic Acid, and Lectins which block the absorption of vital minerals and vitamins that are essential for your health and well-being.
These Toxins can aid in manifesting diseases in your body. Such as:
- Cardiovascular 
- Autoimmune disease
- Rheumatoid arthritis
- Cancer / Cell damage / DNA damage
- IBS / Leaky gut syndrome
- Alzheimer's / Dementia / Parkinsons
However, we have specially designed our nuts (no pun intended) so you can reap the below benefits:
- Improving heart health by reducing cholesterol, and blood pressure
- Improve Diabetes / Obesity / Blood pressure / Cholesterol
- Improve muscle growth and recovery (MORE GAINZ!)
- increases strength and power, and improves body composition
- Improve bone density, skin and hair health
- Improve the quality of sleep, insomnia and jetlag
- Increases healthy enzymes / Gut bacteria
- Improve Sperm Vitality
- Improve hormone health i.e. Thyroid / Metabolism
- Increases vitamin/mineral absorption
- Anti-aging properties
- Decrease in bloating / Gas
- reduces fatigue
- Better taste
Hence the slogan 'ACTIVE NUTZ ... HEALS GUTZ'


The 333 has a special connection with the founder, in numerology/astrology sequencing of numbers acts as a spiritual guide to self-awareness.

The no.3 is the founder’s divine guidance to higher consciousness, watch out for it!

Hence the slogan 'The Conscious Nut Company'